Published on: June 23, 2020

Sometimes it happens, no matter what you try to do. A client might want to leave for a variety of reasons:

  • they are unhappy with your work
  • a friend or associate who does the same thing approached them, and you can’t compete with a friend
  • they can’t afford you anymore
  • you don’t provide something else they want
  • something else

I experienced this recently. A client reached out about how to move their platform. This client originally came to me through an employee who isn’t with the company anymore. I wondered if they would stick with me when that employee left. While I did my best to keep their business, it looks like they are going to leave.

So what is the proper response to this?

Emotions are one thing, but you have to keep a level head. If I let emotions take over, response would range from:

  • Anger: they have no right to do this to me
  • Fear: need to replace that revenue
  • Grief: stinks to lose them
  • Guilt: what did I do wrong

While all of these are natural reactions, they need to be channeled to a positive reaction. Fear of lost revenue is never something I like to ignore. But rather than stay afraid the response has to be action to get more revenue. So channelling these emotions to a new reaction results in:

  • Gratitude: they helped me get my business to where it is now
  • Determination: I’ll get another 10 clients to replace them
  • Aggressive action: I’m going to double down on getting new clients
  • Focus: cut out time-wasting and be more focused on my business goals

If I do this, the fear goes away, and while results might not be immediate, they will come!

Let me know in the comments how you deal with losing clients. Love to hear it!

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