Published on: June 30, 2020

It is crazy times in the USA due to the pandemic, and social unrest. For many people, this leads to a lot of fear and confusion. Personally I believe the #1 way to personally be free of fear and confusion is prayer. However believer or not, you can also take action. Action leads to less fear because of the adrenaline it creates.

So what action should you take?

How about taking action on an idea you had for a business, to better life for you and your family? I’m warning you it’s not going to be easy! Business has many ups and downs. But if you persevere, and follow your gut formed by reading some good books and finding mentors, you can impact your family and others positively.

Let’s not forget there are also business ideas that are better than others. Yes you can start any kind of business, and be successful, with some luck, and hard work. But how about trying to maximize your chances for success?

First, I run a software development company because software is going to continue to grow. The numbers are staggering for the future of software. This is going to be a great place to start a business, for a long time in the future. My recommendations are all about apps and software.

With that said, here are my top markets for starting an app or software product in today’s crazy environment:

  • Online education
  • Web or mobile office tools
  • Web-based project management tools
  • Video platforms
  • Online commerce
  • Online publishing

That’s a small list, but I believe these areas are ripe for growth. It’s definitely not an exclusive list, and you can see a pattern. All of those are online or web based. Growth of video and online platforms has been huge during the pandemic. And it’s not looking like that’s going to change. So what are some ideas of apps or platforms could you think about building?

  • Learn to code platforms: since software is growing by leaps and bounds, how about setting up a place where others can learn to code? It doesn’t have to be too complicated, you can start with PHP, or HTML, or even talk about WordPress. And you don’t have to be the technical person. You can start a platform, and incentivize others to contribute content to it.
  • Made in the USA merchandise platforms: right now in the US the shift is strongly away from our existing supply chain. In plain English, we’re all sick of seeing ‘Made in China’. There’s a reason we’ve all been buying it, it’s cheap. But people are starting to yearn for higher quality, toys that last more than a week, etc. So start a platform selling merchandise. Start with a few items, or only one. And branch out from there. Personally, I’ve been feeling this for years, and I don’t think it’s going away.
  • Interesting content publisher: in this crazy environment, people are starting a Youtube channel and in a year or two, getting more viewers then the major news networks! Why is that? For one, trust in the major networks is very low right now. But I think there is another reason. It’s that people are sick of negativity. We’ve heard that ‘Bad news sells’ but if you create content that’s interesting, has variety, and is creatively done, people will come to you to consume it. So put up your shingle! Maybe a youtube channel, or setup a website for your own unique brand of content.
  • Web and mobile communication tools: we’ve all seen Zoom. It’s everywhere. But how about Or how about Webex? My point is the platforms of today will probably not be the platforms of tomorrow. Start one and you might be the next!


In short, do something! If you want I’m happy to chat about your ideas, it’s part of what I do! Whether you want to hire us or not I’d love to help!

Or let me know in the comments what business you are thinking is a good one for this time in our history.

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